Monthly CircleSing
Third Wednesday of every month
First Congregational Church of Oakland

Sing for Your Life!
Annual Event – Saturday December 30th, noon to midnight


OneVoice CircleSingers is an improvisational singing community with a spiritual attitude. We’re a “vocal jam-fest with heart,” a community gathering of folks who form an improvised choir. Our leadership is offered primarily by members of SoVoSó, an Oakland-based vocal band.

Arts First Oakland launched us in 2002 as the Oakland revival of an annual tradition, “Singing For Your Life,” that began with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. Now known as Sing For Your Life!, this annual event is a non-stop 12-hour choral improvisation, celebrated every year on December 30th from noon to midnight at First Congregational Church of Oakland.

Over the years we’ve become a tight-knit but always-open community, meeting monthly, and sometimes more often, to renew ourselves in song. Please join us!

We are beyond thrilled to share our newest video with you – along with a quick thank you to David Delaney and David Creech, who came out of the blue and said, “Let’s get some of this juiciness on camera!” They took some clips from our Forgiveness Challenge video (also below) and added an interview with David Worm along with some scenes of our community learning to hold the center of the circle. The results are wonderful, and we are grateful to the 3D’s for making it possible.