Our First Ever Community Open House

Circlesing WordcloudLGIt occurs to your Intrepid Organizing Crew that while we see each other every month to sing, we don’t often have the chance to just socialize and get to know each other better. We also don’t get many chances to hear your thoughts and ideas for our Circle. So let’s do that!

Old friends and new are welcome to stop by to say hello, settle in for a chat, nosh on some light munchies, and maybe even sing a bit in a casual way.

Bring something tasty or tuneful to share if you like – munchies, non-alcoholic drinks, and even musical instruments will be welcome, but not required. We’d love to see you!

When: Saturday October 5, 3-6pm (drop in any time)
Where: Dawn & Loren’s (SEED House)
2801 Eastman Avenue, Oakland 94619 (near Maxwell Park)

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  1. Joel Pomerantz
    Joel Pomerantz at | | Reply

    I can’t make it, sorry to say, but I have suggestions that would increase my participation in all circlesing events.
    1) Allow people who are interested to try once in a while to lead.
    2) Vary the leader more so we can have a variety of styles.

    1. eve
      eve at | | Reply

      Hi Joel – thanks so much for your suggestions!

      A few of us went this summer to Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs workshop at Omega Institute in New York, where we learned quite a bit and stretched more into leading circles ourselves. We’re even thinking about getting small groups together to try some fun exercises and share some of what we learned from Bobby and the other teachers at Omega. So do stay tuned for your wishes to manifest!

      If you’re interested in stepping into the center to lead sometime, it’s often possible to do so, depending on who’s our leader for the evening. If you come for the beginning, feel free to check in with the leader before we start and let him/her know you’d like to give it a try.

      And finally, do keep an eye on the schedule for our 12-hour sing on December 30th – for the last couple of years, we’ve had space open in the afternoon for community members to step forward and try leading for a bit. You’d be more than welcome!

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