About Circlesinging

What is CircleSinging Anyway?

Circlesing WordcloudLGCircleSinging can be described lots of ways: vocal improvisation, vocal “jamming”, add-a-part/change-a-part, vocal orchestra, “voicestra”, a “drum circle” for singers, or just plain “make it up” singing. It’s done all over the world in countless different ways and it dates back to the earliest forms of human singing.

CircleSinging happens all over the Bay Area and all over the world.
 Our particular circle is unique due to leadership of the members of the acapella group SoVoSó. These talented singers take turns leading our circles, bringing a high level of musicianship, fun, and excitement to the circle. Once they get a circle going, they often step out of the middle for a while, giving others a chance to solo, or even lead.

CircleSinging can last as long you want. Our 2-hour monthly circles and our 12-hour annual Sing For Your Life celebration are just the way we do it. People come and go, solo or stay with the group, and sometimes even take a turn leading. There are other groups around the Bay Area, and in other parts of the country, and each has its own flavor – some are more structured, and some are looser. What matters and what’s magic is, it’s different every time, and singers of all levels of experience are welcome.

CircleSinging is a “mistake-free zone.” A recent newcomer summed it up perfectly when she said, “It doesn’t matter how you sound – the rest of the group makes you sound great!”  Come try it – it’s fun!