Sing For Your Life! 2017

Sing For Your Life! 2017

You are invited to experience Circlesinging on a grand scale on Saturday, December 30th, for the Sixteenth Annual, much beloved 12-hour Circlesing, co-sponsored by First Congregational Church of Oakland. All are welcome to join the circle and sing, relax and listen, or catch up with friends. Enjoy beverages and snacks with space to bring and enjoy your own food and/or share… Read more →

SoVoSó performs in "Nutz RE-Mixed!"

SoVoSó performs in “Nutz RE-Mixed!”

Tandy Beal’s dynamic and colorful Nutcracker, featuring circus acrobats, dance, and music, will thrill the kids and the kid in you. The a capella live vocals of our beloved SoVoSó will blow your mind, amaze your ears, and crack your heart wide open. Make sure you find a date on your calendar for one of 8 shows in San Jose… Read more →

CircleSinging with UpSwing – 2016

Heads up! We’re doing our 6th annual offsite improv circlesinging with UpSwing. Inspired by their mid-air flying dancers, we’ll sing improvised songs cued by their performances, together with guest musicians Sahib-Amar Khalsa & Amar Khalsa. Come add your voice to the co-creation of this longtime tradition of our OneVoice CircleSingers community! You’re invited to bring a tasty dish to share… Read more →