Related Events by SoVoSó Members – Fall 2013


Calling All SoVoSó Fans!


Our favorite vocal band and its individual members have a lot of exciting projects lined up for the Bay Area this fall. They have led and inspired our circles for as long as we’ve been doing them, and we’re thrilled to let you know what they’re up to. Here’s a a sampling of chances to see them out and about, and to show them some Circlesing love!


Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint – October 23, 25, & 26Jays Sunshine Burger Joint

A new project with Sunshine Becker and an amazing whacky lineup of musicians . . . well . . . we’ll let their website tell you more. Suffice to say, they have gigs coming up in Mill Valley, Santa Cruz, and Guerneville, and they sure seem to be having a great time, as will you! Check it out!


Song for All BeingsSong for All Beings – November 2

A Musical Celebration of Lovingkindness, produced by Jennifer Berezan and featuring her signature mix of some of the most heartfelt and exquisite artists and speakers, takes place in San Rafael. SoVoSó will perform, as will David Worm. This event will sell out for sure – get tickets now so you don’t miss this experience! Click here for the event website.


International Body Music Festival – November 5 – 10BodyMusic

Check out this schedule of events! Bryan Dyer performs with Slammin’ All Body Band and hosts an Open Mic, and SoVoSó is on the bill for one of the Oakland concerts. Plus, we love Keith Terry and everything he does – who knows when this festival will be back in the US? Don’t miss your chance to catch some eye-popping performances!


WeBe3 – November 25


David Worm, Joey Blake, and Rhiannon improvise a concert at the Freight and Salvage, in a rare Bay Area appearance. Every song they sing will be made up on the spot – insightful, surprising (sometimes even to them!), moving, and always profoundly musical, this group will keep you on the edge of your seat. Click here for details and tickets.